Jacky Chan, front-end developer and designer

I guess I should start off to note that no, I'm not the famous stuntsman that everyone knows! I'm the famous dude who creates stuff that looks awesome, stuff that functions across the ever changing devices and platforms and perhaps more importantly, stuff that help businesses win customers, meet their targets and above all, succeed in what they do.



I'm a front-end developer and graphic designer based in Sydney. With extensive expreience in both design and development I have had the pleasure of helping my clients deliver projects along all stages of production. I've worked closely with a range of wonderful clients including Telstra, Skynews, NRL and more.

My skills

I started my career as a graphics designer excelling in web design, 3D and vector illustrations. I have since developed my skills as a full time front-end developer with expertise in the latest web technologies including HTML, CSS, javascript/jQuery on a range of CMS's including Wordpress, Drupal and Adobe CQ5.

My hobbies

On a slightly different spectrum, I'm an avid outdoor photographer. I love taking pictures of landscapes and portraits with my canon DSLR. If you're up early, you are likely to spot me camping out just before sunset with my tripod all setup waiting for the first rays of golden sunrise to hit skies.

Awards and Recommendations

Telstra Customer Centricity Award 03/09/12

For the first time since Telstra has been securing the digital rights for the AFL, we are investing a high profile and professional launch of the next season’s AFL digital offering to our most valued media agency clients. Integral to this launch is our new suite of very professionally produced impressive sports collateral and Jacky has been at the center of the creative work, managing demanding stakeholders across Telstra, and the AFL; taking ownership of the project, managing the design resources from different departments and working to extremely tight deadlines.

Under the immense pressure to deliver, Jacky has really showed his creative prowess and has worked around the clock, even weekends to ensure we deliver on time. The impressive brochure he created in just 4 days normally takes a seasoned designer weeks. The result is some AFL collateral our company’s senior stakeholders, the AFL and even the new partners MCN are very impressed at and are proud to be associated with. Jacky’s contributions will ensure that we’re putting our best foot forward for this inaugural launch and are in a great position to impress our key customers.

Trina So,
Manager of Business and Digital, Telstra Media

Sensis Tier 1 Pinnacle Award 23/05/11

Looking after the AFL club sites is a challenge as we are often dealing with advertisers who aren’t used to or experienced with online advertising. As such the creative they supply is more often not to spec, not functioning correctly or in some way not ready to go live. Jacky has on numerous occasions quickly and with no fuss helped to ensure that getting these ads live is made possible, from simple action scripting, image adjustments or even fully rebuilding a clients creative to ensure that all parties requirements are checked off.

Jacky’s quick responses, high quality work and good attitude ensure that problems are resolved quickly and completely. By enabling us to help the clubs with their advertising Jacky is helping grow confidence in Sensis and help maintain a positive relationship with a highly valued partner in the AFL.

Jacky’s work helps us ensure that the AFL clubs sponsors and advertisers have the best experience possible in what is sometimes their first step into the online advertising. Truly Jacky is making digital easy.

Adam Sloan,
Senior Campaign Manager, Sensis Digital Media

Sensis Tier 2 Pinnacle Winner 13/05/11

The Sensis Tier 2 Pinnacle award is the next level up from the Tier 1. The nomination was assessed by the Pinnacle Awards Selection Panel, which is made up of fellow Peers. Tier 2 acknowledges the consistent demonstration of the values and contribution towards Sensis. It consists of a framed certificate and a Coles Myer card to the value of $500.

Sensis Tier 1 Pinnacle Award 31/03/11

I feel this pinnacle is long overdue.

Jacky has not only gone above and beyond what has been required of him on a day to day basis from day one, but the quality of the work he provides in very short time frames, is nothing short of outstanding. I Personally want to thank Jacky for the unbelievable support he provided to me on a daily basis for our largest sport sponsorship - Toyota Dream Team.

Without Jacky we would not have been able to provide the client with the array of added value to their campaign, including the creation of all network promo positions, internal NRL marketing EDM’s, the creation of Toyota Opt-in EDM’s, iPhone application promos and professional graphics for the Mid and Post Analysis reports, together with the absolute dedication he offered the night before Dream Team was due to go live on AFL. We hit a snag at the 11th hour when all creative provided by the AFL was not approved and requested to be re-created by the client.

Jacky worked though most of the night and was back at work before 7:30am the following morning to ensure that all assets were ready and approved to go live on time that day.

Jacky has the most gracious and professional attitude. I have never heard him turn down a request and yet he still manages to deliver all requirements before any given deadline. There aren’t many Jacky Chan’s in this world. He is seen by his colleagues, external stakeholders and agencies as an incredible asset to the SDM business.

I believe that Jacky deserves all the recognition this business can offer him.

Tanya Thaw,
Digital manager, Sensis Digital Media

Sensis Tier 1 Pinnacle Award 13/12/10

Jacky is the creative designer for Sensis Digital Media. Since his time here, he has consistently delivered excellent quality work and has been instrumental in the winning of major campaigns both for myself and my colleagues.

Jacky is responsive, innovative, and enthusiastic and his creative capabilities breathe life into our proposals and allow our clients and agencies to visualise the concept we are offering them.

Jacky is hard working, commited, takes initiative, acts with integrity, and is professional and very importantly he is an all-round great guy!

Shani Vader,
Senior account director, Sensis Digital Media

Chris Claremont - Sales Manager, Amcor

In my 21 years involvement in the Display and Point of Sale Industry, I have worked with many graphic and industrial designers. As the Sales Manager of Amcor Displays I oversaw the design department for 10 Years.

I have worked very closely with Jacky Chan over the last 2 years and would highly recommend him as an exceptionally talented designer, but more importantly a person who is passionate and committed to his work.

His ability to see way outside the circle and look to innovate, rather than just recreate, is something I have very rarely come across over the years!

He has a phenomenal attitude when he’s dealing directly with my clients even when they place unreasonable expectations on him, either in time frame or creativity. He has impressed clients ranging from majors like Ferrero, Snackbrands Aust and Greens General Foods, but also many smaller clients who have been thrilled with him as an individual and a designer.

I would highly recommend Jacky for any role in the future he felt he could handle and develop in. I wish him all very best for the future.

Chris Claremont,
Sales Manager, Amcor Displays